Breakwater by Katriona Chapman (Paperback)


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9781910395578  –  164p  –  £12.99  –  Black and white with a colour cover

Chris finds a new friend…
…then has to decide if she has room in her life for one.

A loner and an introvert, Chris has worked in Brighton’s Breakwater Picture House for many years. It’s the kind of job that people drift through; friendships flourish for a time, contained within their allotted hours and place…and then fade when people move on. When Dan joins, Chris finds someone who breaks out of these designated boundaries and gradually becomes a part of her life. But as she learns more about her new friend, she must decide if the solitary life she’s built is the one she’s actually most suited to after all.

  • Creator was co-founder of the Tiny Pencil  anthology and has also appeared in anthologies like Ink + Paper and Save Our Souls.
  • Creator’s graphic memoir, Follow Me In, won Best Graphic Non-Fiction in the 2018 Broken Frontier Awards, and appeared on numerous Best of 2018 lists.
  • Included on ‘best of 2020’ lists by the New York Times, the Herald Scotland and several others. Honorable mention on the Publishers Weekly ‘best of 2020’ list.

“Provocative, honest, and very humane. One of the strongest and most accomplished voices in contemporary comics. Chapman is doing some of the best cartooning of her generation, telling stories firmly rooted in, and adding depth to our understanding of the human condition. Wherever she goes next, any reader would be wise to follow.”
–  Solrad

“Chapman’s Brighton-based story of friendship and mental illness is another of Avery Hill’s 2020 triumphs. It’s a slow, sweet, increasingly sad story set in an old cinema that never tips over into melodrama. Chapman’s pencilled pages are full of character and charm and the pacing is immersive.”  –  Herald Scotland

“Chapman’s shadowy panels exude grief while cushioning her characters from it, resulting in a haunting story about friendship and its limits.”  –  Ed Park, New York Times


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