Cambridgeshire Buses by John Law (Paperback)



John Law has been photographing Britain’s buses since the early 1970s. In this book, he takes us through the buses of Cambridgeshire, run by the National Bus Company, which had absorbed the services run in the area by Tilling & British Automobile Traction (who themselves had taken over Eastern Counties Omnibuses). In preparation for bus deregulation, National Bus Company’s Cambridgeshire operations were transferred to Cambus Ltd, which was sold and eventually absorbed into the Stagecoach Group.

Throughout these turbulent years, John Law travelled extensively throughout Cambridgeshire, including to Ely, St Ives and St Neots as well as Cambridge itself. The best of his images of those times are to be found within this book, telling the fascinating story of the county’s bus services.

Book ISBN9781445656403


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