Cambridgeshire Murders (True Crime History) by Alison Bruce (Paperback)


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The cases covered here record the county’s most fascinating but least-known crimes, as well as famous murders that gripped not just Cambridgeshire but the whole nation. From the mysterious barn fire at Burwell that killed seventy-six people to the unsolved murder of Cambridge shopkeeper Alice Lawton, and from poisoning in St Neots to the murder of a fifteen-year-old drummer boy whose ghost haunted the killer and drove him to confess, this is a collection of the county’s most dramatic and interesting criminal cases. Alison Bruce has gone back to original records and documents to uncover the truth about these extraordinary crimes. Using contemporary illustrations and tracing the stories through the words of those who were actually there, she re-creates the drama of case and courtroom. Cambridgeshire Murders is a unique re-examination of the darker side of the county’s past.


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