Izombie Statue sculpted by Phil Ramirez


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Released in November 2014 this cold-cast porcelain statue was sculptured by Phil Ramirez, and based on a design by Allred. The statue measures 11 inches in height and depicts Gwen standing on a bright red human brain, while a creepy hand reaches up to grab her ankle. The statue comes with a choice of two heads: one that’s half human and zombie, and one that’s all human.

Gwen and her more human head

The statue itself is ghoulishly good. Ramirez has done a great job interpreting Allred’s design and the sculpture is finely detailed — I particularly like the rotten flesh of Gwen’s withered arm and leg. The paintwork is also very well done, with some nice flourishes on the brain at the base of the statue (the purple pigment on top of Gwen’s zombie head is also a nice touch). The choice of heads is novel too; I prefer the zombie one as it better matches the rest of Gwen’s body, but it’s nice to have the choice. As for the packaging, iZOMBIE ships encased in two thick pieces of polystyrene, while the statue and the heads are individually wrapped in plastic.


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