Life Is Strange: Waves volume 2 by Emma Vieceli (Paperback)


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On the shore of an unfamiliar reality, Max has landed in a world too good to be true. Rachel, the girl who suffered a terrible fate in Max’s reality, is alive and well, and with Chloe. Both of them are starting a new life to call their own in Los Angeles.

Three years have passed since the events of Dust, and although Max is struggling to understand what brought her here, all is well. But then a mysterious young man, Tris, appears, with his own secrets to be uncovered… Tris keeps disappearing and reappearing in the oddest of places.

Could he be an echo from a different timeline, or is this something new? With both the future and the past uncertain, Max’s blissful world she has found herself in is about to open up to some harsh realities and surprising revelations, all thanks to a mysterious boy named Tristan.


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