Mage Book Two: The Hero Defined Part Two (Volume 4) b6 Matt Vagner(Paperback)



The fourth of six volumes collecting Matt

Wagner’s epic, modern-day fantasy trilogy, MAGE-BOOK TWO: THE HERO

DEFINED continues the saga of the reborn Pendragon, Kevin Matchstick. Pursuing

their common goal of confronting and defeating the world’s hidden

supernatural threats, Kevin and his companions Joe Phat and Kirby Hero find

themselves drawn northward by mystical forces they don’t understand.

Trailed by the persistent but befuddled Wally Ut, Kevin finds himself tested by

his assumptions of leadership and clarity of purpose. Still hidden from our

heroes, dark and familiar forces conspire to drain Kevin’s own power…and

turn it against him!


Wagner’s classic epic of comics fantasy has been beloved by both old fans

and new readers for decades. MAGE was at the vanguard of the independent comics

scene and continues to be an inspiration for many contemporary creators. With

the release of the final part of the MAGE trilogy, THE HERO DENIED, this series

will be an essential part of any comics library.


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