Global Frequency: Detonation Radio Volume 2 by Warren Ellis (Paperback)


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Written by Warren Ellis; Art by Lee Bermejo, Simon Bisley, Tomm Coker, Gene Ha, Jason Pearson, Chris Sprouse and Karl Story; Cover by Brian Wood The concluding volume includes issues #7-12 of the highly acclaimed maxiseries that’s soon to be a series on the WB! From the streets of Los Angeles to the sewers below New York City, Global Frequency is always watching. There are 1,001 people on the Frequency ― from 16-year-old computer experts to retired police detectives ― and each one brings their own unique abilities to the GF table. Each mission is coordinated at GF central by Aleph, who dispatches the appropriate agents at the behest of Miranda Zero, founder and overseer of the Frequency. Together, all these pieces form one concise unit whose goal is simple: to save the day when all hope is lost!


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