Secret Cambridge by Caroline Clifford (hardcover)


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Cambridge is a world famous university. But the town celebrates its own long history which pre-dates the coming of the scholars, beginning with the Romans who first identified this as a good spot for a settlement. It was a good choice, and continued to thrive into the medieval period. Seeking sanctuary here in the thirteenth century, the fledgling university was something of a cuckoo, growing to dominate its civic neighbour as their stories intertwined. Largely bypassed by manufacturing, in recent years it has forged a reputation as a centre for the high-tech industries.

Secret Cambridge explores the lesser known aspects of Cambridge’s history, those forgotten fragments of the city’s past that have thus far mostly eluded twenty-first century attention. Writer and historian, Andrew Sargent ventures down the secluded streets and alleyways and attempts to shed light on the neglected corners of the city, allowing readers to experience the diverse flavour of its rich history.


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