The Accidental Tourist by Anne Tyler


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Her masterpiece, Daily Mail

Brilliant, funny, sad and sensitive, Independent on Sunday

Anne Tyler gets better with every book, and this one is a triumph – funny, profound, sad and ultimately reassuring, Sunday Telegraph

Warmly entertaining and sharply organised against cuteness or mush, Guardian

The Accidental Tourist is one of Anne Tyler’s best books, New York Times

A beautiful, incandescent, heartbreaking, exhilarating book… The Accidental Tourist cuts so close to the bone that it leaves one aching with pleasure and pain. Words fail me: one cannot reasonably expect fiction to be much better than this, Washington Post

Everything this author writes is shot through with intelligent insight, humour and humanity, Daily Mail


How does a man addicted to routine – a man who flosses his teeth before love-making – cope with the chaos of everyday life? With the loss of his son, the departure of his wife and the arrival of Muriel, a dog trainer from the Meow-Bow dog clinic, Macon’s attempts at ordinary life are tragically and comically undone.


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