The Siren (DC Goodhew 2) by Alison Bruce (Paperback)


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All it took was one small item on the regional news for Kimberly Guyver and Rachel Golinski to know that their old life was catching up with them. They wondered how they’d been naive enough to think it wouldn’t. They hoped they still had a chance to leave it behind – just one more time – but within hours, Rachel’s home is burning and Kimberly’s young son, Riley, is missing. DC Goodhew begins to sift through their lives, and starts to uncover an unsettling picture of deceit, murder and accelerating danger. Kimberly seems distraught but also defensive and uncooperative. Is it fear and mistrust of the police which are putting her son at risk, or darker motivations? With Riley’s life in peril, Goodhew needs Kimberly to make choices, but she has to understand, the one thing she cannot afford is another mistake. Praise for “Cambridge Blue”: “You are pulled relentlessly in as Bruce racks up the tension. Menacing and insidious, this is a great novel”. (R.J. Ellory). “An exciting debut from a very promising new talent”. (Paul Johnston). “A fast-paced gritty tale guaranteed to have you hooked from beginning to end”. (“Cambridgeshire Pride”). “Meaty and deeply plotted”. (“Morning Star”). “DC Gary Goodhew could just develop into a worthy successor to those venerables of the police procedural now drawing their pensions”.


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